Our artisan gelato is hand-crafted using fresh ingredients and specialty products imported from Italy. Indulge in over 40 rotating flavors and seasonal favorites, including:

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In this this episode of Bob's Table, Bob gets an authentic taste of Italy. Guest Angelo Lollino serves up delicious Vero Gelato. This small batch gelato is handmade fresh daily by Mariano's using traditional techniques and features ingredients sourced from Italy.

Gelato VS Ice Cream

Italian gelato contains less fat than ice cream, has less incorporated air, and is served at a higher temperature. Consequently, gelato provides a greater flavor experience because there is less fat that coats the taste buds, more flavor per spoonful (due to lower quantity of air), and the taste buds are more alive since the temperature is not so cold as to dull their sensitivity. Not to mention fewer calories to burn!

Ice cream is made in large industrial batches, uses ingredients designed for lengthy storage, has limited flavors, and is stocked for sale in supermarkets. Authentic Italian gelato, on the other hand, is produced fresh practically every day in relatively small quantities, is sold directly to the public, and is available in a large number of flavors – usually based on fresh ingredients that make the gelato creamy and colorful.

It is therefore correct to maintain a clear distinction between the two products, even linguistically.

Carpigiani Gelato University is dedicated to the development of the gelato culture throughout the world and therefore will always refer to the product by its true name, GELATO.